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27 May 2011 @ 11:29 pm
Fic: 2x2x2  
Title: 2x2x2
Authors: emmademarais and melissima
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, White Collar, Numb3rs
Pairings: Steve/Danny, Peter/Neal, Don/Charlie
Rated: NC17 FRAO
Warnings: Incest
Spoilers: None
Summary: Everyone craves a human connection with their lover
Author's note: Slash, To penguingal, our very own queen of collaborative comment porn, on the occasion of her birthday.

The big island captivated even natives, but for a getaway, nothing compared to one of the smaller more deserted Hawaiian islands.

The rental on a private cove ate two years' vacation budget, but it meant they could goof off and relax, even kiss without prying eyes from back home.

After a leisurely swim, Danny watched Steve emerge from the glinting midday surf and followed him, running up the beach to their bungalow. It was small, but comfortable, including an outdoor heated shower to wash off the ever-present salt water and sand.

Steve already had the water running when Danny caught up to him and he had to halt, just to watch the water sluicing over his partner's body.

Eyes voracious, he watched until his body grew impatient and approached. He licked at rivulets as they traced Steve's pecs, made his tattoos glisten, feasting on the overwhelming scent and flavor of warm, salty skin.

Nimble fingers untied swim trunks and eased them down to the ground. Danny's stubby fingernails threaded through the coarse trimmed hair at the base of Steve's cock, licking his lips as he kneeled down.

This was just what he'd been waiting for.


Neal had talented hands; he stripped Peter of his entire tux, including studs and cufflinks, within three minutes of the hotel room deadbolt being locked.

Peter exercised slightly more patience. Really, he just needed to relish how beautifully debauched Neal looked with his tux torn open, skin glowing against rumpled black and white.

He managed to stop Neal after only a few breath-stealing minutes spent sucking his cock; he didn't want this evening to end that way - certainly not as quickly as Neal's technique threatened.

Peter pinned a wicked, smirking Neal against the wall, savoring the deliciously hard body beneath his, and opened his tuxedo pants so they could rub cock to cock.

The perfect friction pulled a low groan from Neal. He threw his head back as Peter set up a rhythm between their bodies to draw the tension out.

Peter's hand carded into Neal's dark hair. He loved to muss up those perfect waves, loved to feel it knotted in his fist, loved burying his face in Neal's neck, losing himself in the intoxicating scent of him.

It was amazing, but he wanted more.


They'd been frantic. Still, Don made himself pause just to look at the scene they'd created.

He'd come straight from a raid, still strapped in his tac gear, and barely disarmed himself before he cornered Charlie in the garage with a kiss that devoured: his sole warning of the appetite that must be sated.

Textbooks and clutter littered the floor around their feet, shoved aside to admit a more urgent calling. The chalk smeared on Charlie's bound hands now dusted Don's palms.

Now Charlie stood naked wearing only Don's thigh holsters - the better to grab onto for deep thrusting - with both hands cuffed behind his back. Don's cock waited to press inside.

He gave up seeking words and combed a hand lovingly through Charlie's curls, showing his appreciation, then fisted them tightly and thrust deep inside all at once.

The raid, the garage, everything fell away. Rocking together sweat sprang anew, bodies grew taut and silence ended with a bang.

From craving to connection - it began and ended with the two of them: together.
One Part Exuberance; Two Parts Obsession: be in my bunkpenguingal on May 28th, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you thank you thank you! This was the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday experience.

The H50 bit was delicious. I could almost taste the water on Steve's skin. And then you gave me the WC boys in tuxes, hard bodies pressing against each other and GUH. And of course my favorite of favorites, Don in tac gear being all dominant and needy with Charlie.

*happy sigh* I think I am going to read this a couple dozen more times now.