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Deux Plumes

A Meeting of Minds and Pens

Deux Plumes (Two Pens)
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Melissima's collaboration journal.
Hi I'm melissima, your host. Numb3rs is my OTFandom, but I add more all the time. Bring on the Pretty!

This community is a collaborative fan fiction journal, created to house the stories I write with my friends. This is a closed community, so only my collaborators and I can post here, but feel free to watch it so you'll see the fic as its posted!

Since the fic is often adult in nature, please respect the ratings and stay away from the mature stuff if you're underage.

I'm blessed enough to do a lot of co-writing and collaborating. So far I have written with three amazing women, each an award-winning author in her own right:

My West Coast Slash Wife emmademarais is a captivating storyteller with over 300 fic in the Numb3rs fandom and fic in nearly a dozen other fandoms to her credit. I'm convinced that she single-handedly made sure that the Numb3rs fandom has too much fic to qualify for Yuletide. ;-)

My East Coast Slash Wife asemic writes innovative, avant-garde fic that will change the way you see relationships. (And occasionally, fruit.)

Mistress penguingal has a slashwife of her very own, the lovely 1trackmind. I enjoy their collaborative stories too much to be any kind of slash home-wrecker. Still, I find myself unable to resist her, so I secured myself a comfy spot as a minion.

A bit more about me: I do computer stuff for money and I write. I want to publish novels and short stories someday and I think I will always write fic. I have one offspring, the amazing and hilarious Rockstar--I want to be just like her when I grow up. Well, except with more money.